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Agricultural Districts

The Wayne County Board of Supervisors adopted the county's first agricultural district in 1973 after agricultural districts were made a legal entity in the state via the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law. Agricultural districts offer the following benefits to farmers: 1) an agricultural land use assessment, 2) limitations on special use district taxation and 3) NYS Right to Farm legislation. When contemplating modifications to county districts, the previously mentioned benefits must be preserved.
Wayne County's original agricultural district maps, in several instances, do not display tax parcel-specific boundaries. By law, agricultural district boundaries must be updated to reflect entire tax parcel boundaries. Currently, a number of agricultural district boundaries bisect whole tax parcels and in some examples merely follow allotted setbacks.
The county is in the process of consolidating from nine (9) to one (1) district.

The Ag Development Board is involved in administration of the NYS Agricultural Districts.

The following links are to the New York State Office of Real Property Services and explain some of the agricultural exemptions available to farmers.
The following are guidance documents relating to agricultural districts:
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